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Go Corona … Corona Go!

As communicators, can we adapt this form on communication within our organisations?

The chant “Go Corona, Corona Go” by Union minister Ramdas Athawale, has been going viral across India and yes, the world too. With over 800,000 views in less than 5 days the Chants also now has a remix version of the same. 

The question, is this making a difference? While the world may laugh at such an antic, this strategy may be working. Personally, I had not heard about this chant until I was with a group of friends who were using this (of course in fun) over a game of cricket. That’s when I asked, and they mentioned that is was done by Ramdas Athawale in a video. And yes, in a way people are talking about the virus, so I think it is making a difference.  

Whenever we launch an initiative or a campaign, the ask now days – from quite a few CIO’s is, can this go viral? What we must understand is that, going viral has many elements, like: 

  • Audience 

  • Story 

  • Duration

  • Emotion

  • Timing

  • Simplicity

However, above all what is mostly required is the commonality that your audience can resonate too. Initially when a product is launched, it mainly launched to solve a problem. As competition grows the strategy is to maintain and capture the market share and your communication revolves around, how my product is better, thereafter it is just about reinforcement. So, most campaigns that you will see is always around the product, its features, Pricing etc. 

But the most important aspect that generally gets missed out in this natural progression, is the products purpose. Why are we making this product, what is the purpose of the product and what is the problem we are solving? 

Today every news channel, every WhatsApp group, every social media channel is plagued the with information on Corona that is extremely text heavy, highly informative, and intimidating- to and extent scary. With that a chant Go Corona…Corona Go coming into the picture give a humorous side to something that is different and yet can be related to while creating awareness in just one line. 

Why are we even entertaining this? Because we are tied down by the commonality of the problem that everyone will be affected by. 

So next time you are creating a campaign, think from the consumers viewpoint and not the product’s point of view, that will help build a common connect for your campaign. 

Until then another Viral Song …(100,000 views) on Go Corona. Enjoy!

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